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David Ewart, CPA, CA

Think your company is too small for a CFO – Think again. Regardless of your company’s size, if you don’t have a professional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) then you, the entrepreneur, are the defacto CFO. Do you really want to do that job?  You can and should have the best CFO on your team. Your business can have the most qualified CFO for a surprisingly small amount.
Think what you could accomplish:
~ if you did not have to worry about cash every day.
~ if you really knew how profitable you were and fully understood your profit drivers.
~ if your company operated in such a way as to support your strategic plans.
~ if your managers were motivated and accountable.
~ if your accounting department was fully able to support you.
~ if you had a succession plan and exit strategy.
~ if you had an internal resource to provide support for business decisions, advice on best practices and direction through business coaching.

Think what you could accomplish if you
had a seasoned CFO dedicated to helping
you take your business to the next level. 

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David Ewart, Principal
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THINK Virtual CFO 

Think until you get the right answer.

Let me help you get it.


Virtual CFO

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with over 20 years of broad-based experience as a CFO in the Aerospace & Defence, Manufacturing, Construction and Hi-Tech sectors with over 10 years as a financial consultant in the private sector. 

My strengths include the investigation of new projects, processes and business lines and developing complex financial models for the evaluation of new opportunities. My approach is to provide senior executives with the analysis and key decision points necessary to formulate strategic initiatives.

I pride myself on excellent leadership qualities. I am results-oriented with strong analytical abilities.

David Ewart, Principal
Telephone: 613-793-9169

Virtual CFO


My areas of expertise are:

Business Coaching

THINK Virtual CFO provides positive and constructive support, feedback and advice to owners and entrepreneurs to improve managerial effectiveness in their business settings.

Strategic Planning

THINK Virtual CFO develops comprehensive strategic planning documents through a facilitative process that unleashes brainstorming and consensus building in the organization. This entails determining the organization's goals, and the actions needed to achieve those goals.

Business Plans

THINK Virtual CFO, partnering with the entrepreneur, creates winning business plans through an iterative and collaborative process. 

Business Mentoring

THINK Virtual CFO supports and encourages accountants, as well as bookkeepers, to develop specific skills to maximize their business potential; thus improve their performance.

Financing Plans

THINK Virtual CFO has a long history of developing financial plans that are used to successfully raise funds for new projects or increase credit lines for growth.  These plans are tailored for venture capitalists, private investors, subordinated debt providers and/or commercial banks.

My Clients

Here are some of the great companies I collaborate with:


The North Dundas Mayor's Breakfast with Alex Munter - Community, Children's Health and The Future Economy. 

Brenda Norman and myself, on behalf of Kozroots Community Empowerment Projects had the opportunity to attend the North Dundas Mayor's Breakfast in Winchester.  Thank you to Mayor Eric Duncan, and Alex Munter, President and Chief Executive Officer of CHEO for the wonderful event and their poignant words.

Integrated Thinking Panel

THINK Virtual CFO thanks Michael Beynon of Scotiabank and Candace Enman of Welch for the opportunity to be part of this expert panel. 

Kozroots Garlic Festival Planning Committee.

Working together with Jenna Blais of Blais Media & Design and Yasmine Pereira of the Nav Centre in Cornwall, Ontario.

4Forward Team

THINK Virtual CFO working with the best in leadership development.


This is what my clients have to say about me:

Manager of Growth and Transition Capital 

David is a seasoned financial professional with deep CFO experience.  I’ve known David for many years, mostly in his role as CFO for a mid-sized, global, private corporation.  Over the last number of years David has been focused on the SME sector, providing valuable financial guidance. 

Partner, Ottawa CPA firm.

David acts as a vCFO/business coach to a number of companies in the construction and related industries and also assists a few of my clients. I have been very impressed with David’s work and believe he would be a good fit for your company.

Owner, Ottawa based construction company

David Ewart is the best CFO in the city of Ottawa...  He has been instrumental in transforming our business.

President, Hi-tech company

We were pleasantly surprised that we could hire someone of David's caliber on a virtual CFO basis for such a reasonable monthly fixed fee. 

Manager, Major Canadian Financial Institution

I’ve partnered with David on a number of major projects over the years and also called him in many times to help myself or my team or our clients with challenges or opportunities. Without exception, David has always gone out of his way to provide top notch service and superior value to whomever he’s working with. He’ll keep putting in time and effort until the job is done well and everyone involved is fully satisfied. He’s also one of the most ethical and disciplined business professionals that I’ve worked with in my +25 years of experience in business financing and consulting.

President, Mid-sized Manufacturing Company,  

"David, you are a great asset for us."


Construction | High Tech | FinTech | Manufacturing | Services | Retail | Food | Distribution | Restaurants  | Property Managment | Health Care | Resources | Mining | Lumber | Aerospace | Not-for-Profit

My Commitment

David Ewart, CPA, CA

Virtual CFO

As your Chief Financial Officer, I will support your company's accounting and financial functions using strategic planning, business case analysis, best practices and business plans. I pride myself in outstanding service for my clients. 

Virtual CFO


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